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Make a donation in the Name of Mary Gosek to fund ovarian cancer research. Helps us find an effective screening test and eventually a cure.
Hope, Love, Cure was Mary's motto.

Mary Gosek's Story

June 3 2017: by Farah Jadran - Friend

With tears of hope and determination, we offer our warmest and heartfelt prayers to all loved ones who were blessed by the one and only, the mighty Mary Gosek. Mary is now in heaven alongside our angels who have gone before us. Mary’s mission to “tell a woman” and find a cure changed us all. Her passion changed us in ways we didn’t know were possible. If there was a chance to “turn something teal,” in the name of ovarian cancer awareness, Mary was already going for it. All while taking on her own tremendous battles with the horrid disease, Mary never let up. She just wouldn’t and she wouldn’t let you do that either. Her passion and tenacity to bring us closer to a day free of ovarian cancer, free of all cancer, showed us the true meaning of being warrior. She never stopped fighting, and for that, we know we cannot stop either. As our hearts ache and we begin to grieve our warrior, Mary’s vivid smile flashes before us. A close, tight and genuine hug from her embraces us. The sound of her beautiful laughter whispers in our ears, but not before the rumbling of the racetrack reminds us we’re out at the Oswego Speedway with Mary and the gang. The wind blows by and the hairs on our arms stand up as we feel the force of Mary’s Mighty Team of Teal setting the bar high at the Teal Ribbon Run & Walk. We feel her thoughtful hand on our shoulder as we watch hundreds of college kids rock teal in Oswego each year. Whether it was pounding the pavement or hitting the ice with the hockey hometown – Mary took the message to new measures. She wants you to do the same.


Wherever she went, she was sure to instill awareness in one more guy or gal. She was sure to show everyone how they should keep walking, talking, running, reaching out and charging forward to one day rid our world of cancer and turn our hope into certainty. Mary’s passion will not fade in the days to follow – rather it will shine bright and guide us as we navigate the paths she has drawn for us.

What you need to do:
We step back and express our gratitude for Mary’s mighty spirit that will always charge its way into a room and flow gracefully into the air. We are grateful for the mighty that stand at her side – her warrior sister Joan and the entire Gosek Family, especially Ed, Sarah and Jeremy, forces all on their own. Mary’s tenacity and power prompt us to now believe the mighty has not fallen amidst the battle, but she’s passed the torch knowing her Mighty Team of Teal will prevail. We love you, Mary, and we love your true colors that surround us. Your laughter and passion are our fight song now and forever. – Hope for Heather

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