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Make a donation in the Name of Christine Ellis to fund ovarian cancer research. Helps us find an effective screening test, improved treatment and eventually a cure.

Christine Ellis' Story

By Jackie Burke – Best friend 

Christine Ellis was an angel long before ovarian cancer changed the course of her life. She was a best friend to many. Chris was the person you could talk to about anything without judgment or criticism. She listened and gave advice when it was helpful and could be quite blunt about it, but it always came from a place deep in her heart. She had a way of making you feel better just by being in her presence.

She looked for the blessings in every situation, even her cancer diagnosis. Her faith and deep love for her family and friends gave her an intense inner strength. She called herself a warrior, and believe me, she was! She spent hours listening to and supporting anyone who needed comforting. She made many friends on her journey through ovarian cancer and encouraged each and every person. Even in extreme pain, she pushed through to help other people.

In 2015, Chris was having pain in her tail bone. Originally, she thought it was from a recent fall. Thinking it would get better she went about her life. Then in June of 2015, Chris had extreme abdominal pain. In the ER they thought it was caused by an ovarian cyst. The next day the OB performed surgery and discovered ovarian cancer. She was told it was stage IV ovarian cancer. There was no family history of gynecological cancers in Chris' family.

Fortunately Chris found an outstanding doctor, Dr. Bunn, in Syracuse at Crouse Hospital who performed the surgeries to remove the cancer. Her courage and almost superhuman resilience after the surgeries left everyone mystified. She would be up and encouraging other patients in her wing in the hospital almost immediately after the surgeries. Long after she left the hospital, she would come back to comfort and encourage others going through similar procedures. Throughout the chemotherapy she had the strongest faith and positive attitude, always wanting to help others. She quickly became friends with many doctors, nurses and patients. They wanted to learn from her. Chris was in remission in 2016 and so grateful for the future. She did not participate in a clinical trial. She ate very healthy, and followed Dr. Bunn's advice.


Unfortunately, 2018 brought the news that the ovarian cancer returned. Chris made the decision to live the rest of her days on her terms without more chemotherapy or surgery. She spent her final moments sharing love and wisdom to all. She left this earth in the early morning hours on April 8, 2019.

Chris was married to the love of her life, Mark Ellis, in 2013 and became a mother and grandmother. She and Mark created a beautiful home together and started their own trucking business, MCE Trucking. They did everything together. She loved going for motorcycle rides, cliff jumping, white water rafting, and traveling to her beloved Maine. Having fun with her family and friends in her backyard with a bonfire was a perfect time. She lived every moment, and you felt appreciation for every moment with her. Christine Ellis was a warrior and an angel. How she lived is an inspiration and her legacy will live in the hearts of the people who had the privilege of knowing her forever.
I am one of her best friends forever, Jackie Burke

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