Because of You!

As of

September 2020 Hope for Heather has Raised

$1.37 million

Most of this money is from small donations from individuals; with approx 12% from corporate/business sponsors.Volunteer


How much Hope for Heather volunteers have raised as of September 2020 for ovarian cancer research.

The funds are used for selected research projects that support

4 areas of research:

Improved treatment methods using existing therapies

New treatment approaches using immunotherapy

Research to

find a

reliable screening


New discoveries targeted

at finding

a cure


Distributed over 500,000 awareness ribbons and symptom cards plus

50,000 educational brochures

Without a Test Awareness is Best

Local Patient Support


for local patient

support grants

$25,500 to Heather's Angel fund to help survivors with medical costs that insurance does not cover

$75,000 in direct patient support grants:

Patient support baskets/bags and supplies

Meals for caregivers and family

Hair cuts and salon services for survivors
during treatments

Gas cards, wigs, support meetings and other

tangible materials for support and comfort